Good golfers can only stay good and improve with proper instruction and care. The same applies to novices, to the young and the old, to individuals and to companies. This was the reason for the founding of The Myles Golf Academy – to make available to all golfers instruction that is of the highest standards. Instruction that is world class. Instruction that goes beyond the practice tee.

My mission is to grow The Academy showcasing superior instruction flavored with a European flair. The Academy will always be associated with my slogan MAKING GOLF SIMPLE, and shall always project an image that reflects that I am doing something beyond simply giving a lesson.

One of the goals of The Academy is to further encourage and nurture the very essence of the game, as it’s been known for many, many years. I intend, by my own actions, to promote the stately game, yet not limit the game to any one group or class or society. I will instruct with fairness, respect and at all times honesty. I hope to be friends with all my students. My function is much more than that of the instructor.


Gavin has been a professional golfer for over twenty five years. He has won almost two-dozen events worldwide and has taught in three different continents. He offers his experience as both an international player and teacher, to The Academy.

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